June 2019 art show at Lily Library, Duke University

In June, I was fortunate to get my first solo art show at Lily Library on Duke University. It was an amazing experience to show my art, to host a reception and mingle with friends and family. I also was able to sell art to friends and family in order to finance a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua. We worked at an organization called the Asociacion Nicaraguense Trans Mujeres Transgeneros, a group that works with the LBGTQIA+ community in Managua and other locations in Nicaragua. They have a LBGTQIA+ center for people seeking sanctuary in times of need. We fixed up their center – repairing, painting and doing whatever else was needed.

I am currently working on a seven painting series, which I’m calling “Emergence.” I’m very excited about this series, and hope that proceeds from this series will help finance a mission in 2020 to Colombia. Once again, we will be partnering with a LBGTQIA+ organization.

God had given me an artistic voice. It’s my hope that I can use this voice to get back to God’s people.

To be continued….

Author: Rinnie Orr
Greetings! My name is Rinnie. Welcome to my website. I am a Christian, an artist, a writer of meditations, and a spiritual practitioner of hospitality. I’m happy to meet you and hope you will enjoy my writings and art. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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