“Finding one’s voice” may sound like a cliche, but my Emergence Project is simply that – it’s a spiritual process to bring God’s gift to light through image and word.

“Finding one’s voice” is to discover what God is communicating through you.

The Emergence Project and subsequent painting is an act of mindfulness and creation. In painting, there is fluid movement from one state of awareness to another. I am striving toward deliberate mindfulness, centering my focus on the paintings. Playing with shape, texture and color in hope of deeper truths to emerge from my heart and soul.

My “Emergence” painting is clearly of that process. Mainly consisting of purples and yellows, it depicts a branch (or a path) with four distinct paths to explore. From within the center, a figure emerges and will have to make a choice, which way to go.

So often when we think we are comfortable and have everything figured out, life happens, and we realize perhaps we will need to travel again through the murkiness of uncertainty. There often isn’t a “right” path, we just have to choose, jump in and head out.

For me, these are the times I actually feel God’s presence and become more productive spiritually and artistically. Choices are open and branches fan out. With God’s help and time for art, study, and meditation, I feel braver to set out. There’s faith and joy in the knowledge that what comes next will be productive and healing.

May it be so…

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