Christmas Morning musing:

There is Light
There is Peace
We have been gifted a Light-bearer
A Peace-maker
A teacher:
“Be kind
Be gracious
Seek justice
Walk humbly
Seek beauty and truth
Be love and love with joy!”

Weekly Advent musing, December 18:
Makoto Fukimura, in his book Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for our Common Life, writes, “A culture that downplays the pursuit of beauty also loses its appetite for truth and goodness.” Think about that a minute with me. In the current cultural, political landscape where is truth and goodness? Why’s it so difficult to navigate the facts? Why are pundits and politicians on all sides yelling at each other and berating others continuously on our news shows and our Facebook feeds? Why are the arts constantly under funded and under acted? Where are the heart-warming, beautiful stories of hope and transformation? Where are images of beauty to feed our souls, to light the cold dark nights? Want to try something with me? Something radical, yet ancient? Do you want to reclaim “beauty” with me? Turn off the news shows. Take a walk to a gallery or favorite museum. Find a local theater and see a play. Go to the ballet. Get out and enjoy the arts, wherever you may be. Draw a picture! Paint an abstract! Write a story or a poem! Stand up to the petty (yes, it’s just really petty) darkness and bring light, art and beauty into the world. Let’s be a joyful noise and reclaim the truth and goodness we all want. I know you want it as much as I.

Weekly Advent musing December 10:
This past week of Advent has been a really challenging one for me. Do you ever wonder why when things go badly, they do so on many levels, not just one thing at a time? Last night, it felt too much…and I cocooned instead of studying or creating or even escaping through tv. I simply cocooned. The words of a good friend came to me this morning, “You are a strong woman. You can do hard.” Knowing there is someone out there who believes in me helps. I can do hard. You also can do hard.You are not alone. Even though we face different challenges and struggles, we walk our journeys together. If you need a friend, reach out to someone you know and trust. If you feel totally alone, reach out to me. I’m here for you. Advent is a time of waiting and hope. Joy is right around the corner. Hope is not too far away. Be patient, my lovelies! Peace to you!

Weekly Advent musing, December 3:
This morning I read reflections from artist, writer Makoto Fujimura from his book “Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life”. He questions, “Do we need beauty in our lives? How do we cultivate and care for our souls? And how do these questions apply to our larger culture?” While I don’t have all the answers, I think we need to take small steps to feeding our souls by living an authentic and kind lifestyle which takes courage and bravery in a culture of divisions, anger and hate. I’m attempting to reclaim beauty for myself a little everyday through art and study. In this season of Advent, may you find some moments of beauty and peace in your daily journey. May your day be blessed with love my darling friends and family! 


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