Presenting my “XOXOX” studio

People often ask “Where do you paint?”

So…here’s some pics of my home studio. XOXOX art takes place in my kitchen – half my kitchen area has been transformed into my art studio.

I experience an exciting thrill when I’m in my studio, staring at a blank canvas. I’m not an artist that often knows what I will be painting – I don’t usually have a plan for the paint or the canvas. I simply play and experiment. Creating art is almost a pure meditative experience for me. My mind clears, and I am in the moment. Not quite pure mindfulness, but close.

I play, and all the rest follows. I trust my intuition and let myself go.

Want to join me sometime? Private art classes will be available in 2020! Hope you will come paint with me.

About Rinnie Orr

Greetings! My name is Rinnie. Welcome to my website. I am a Christian, an artist, a writer of meditations, and a spiritual practitioner of hospitality. I’m happy to meet you and hope you will enjoy my writings and art. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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