This year I intend to read one book a month that’s not a mystery/suspense/thriller – I want to read books by authors that tell stories of people outside the white straight middle-class America experience. This January, I’m starting with “The Water Dancer”, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Feel free to make suggestions!

To establish a daily yoga practice. I have my strap, blocks, yoga mats, bolsters and several YouTube yoga teachers. This morning I did this new year’s yoga practice, with Allie – The Journey Junkie.

More art – create a space for others to share in the joy of art, art supplies, creating beauty every day that lifts up, lights up, and opens up the heart/mind/soul to joyful/colorful/soulful self-expression.

More study and writing – I’m working my way through several books to better inform and discern my current callings: to build community, to cultivate beauty and care for creativity, to continue developing and giving voice to a deep, powerful, transformational spiritual practice of hospitality. To see the face of God in all people I meet and come into contact with.

Make space to play some board games I’ve picked up and haven’t gotten to play yet. If you see any you want to play, send me a message.

And last, but not least, to celebrate and support you, my dearest friends. To celebrate your successes, your joy, your light! To support you in times of struggle, times of need, times of discernment. You are my Light! You are my inspiration! Keep shining! Keep loving! Keep living!

Many blessings for a wonderful new year! new decade! I lift my wine glass to you ! Cheers and Happy New Year!

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