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This morning, these things I know are true:

The world has radically changed in the past few months.
Many of us are not the same people we were two months ago going into quarantine.
Many, many people are suffering now.
Grief is real, raw and fierce.
We need to show up for one another and be with one another through the grief and struggle.

I lost my job of 15 years a couple days ago. I can’t even begin to share how raw I feel.

I do know I’m feeling grief and it’s a real fucking energy, y’all…

This morning, this I know is true: Through grief, we can swim and be transformed.

Maybe we slow down more. Quiet our minds, sit in stillness.

Or maybe, just maybe, we rage. Taking our colors, splash them all over the canvas and simply let out primal screams and go on attack.

Or maybe, we realize that the life we lost really didn’t hold real meaning anymore anyway. That with the un-tethering comes real, honest to goodness knowledge that our true selves and passions were being stifled.

Perhaps, like me, you are now free and un-tethered by the very hands and chains that held us back from realizing our full self and potential.

Maybe today, we can wake up with a vision of what we are worth and what we have the potential to really give and create in the world.

The un-tethering releases energy we didn’t even know we have, bringing insight and vision to possibilities we didn’t even know existed.

In all those maybes, there is a quiet realized grace, that we are all more than we ever realized.

For the grief, I give thanks.

I am released.

I am free.

Stay tuned…exciting news to come!

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5 Comments on “Grieved, yet Un-tethered…”

5 Replies to ““Grieved, yet Un-tethered…””

  1. There is such wisdom shared here … at the intersection of raw grief and un-tethered hope. I look forward to journeying with you into the next chapter, dear Rinnie. In the midst of such pain, God is doing a new thing. Hold fast!

    1. Libby, thank you for reading and journeying with me – you and Phill have been an incredible and real Love in my life. I can’t wait to share with y’all everything soon. Peace, love and hugs! ~R

  2. You have so many beautiful gifts; thank you for sharing them with the world! I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you! With your positive energy and creative spirit, the possibilities are boundless❤️! I am sending you love and light🌈!

  3. My wife says, “Never waste a crisis.” Without being too upbeat about loss, I will say this is moment to make changes that you’ll look back on and think–I’m glad I changed all that in my life.

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