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Dear fellow journeyers,

Thank you for following the Planting the Seeds blog series. As of this post, I am wrapping up and bringing this blog series to an end.

I appreciate that you’ve been journeying with me the past few months, through Covid, isolation and quarantine, grief, loss, rallies for justice and black lives, financial and health insecurities and so much more.

I haven’t been writing the past couple weeks, as I’ve been in major discernment to determine where I’m being led in my life and career right now – making major decisions about where my energy and focus should be. Truthfully, I have been holding my breath since May 15. I feel I am finally able to let go and can now step into a new mid-life career for myself that feels right.

While I do the work to embrace my new career path, I find that I am also given a vision for my artistic life as well.

When I started my blog last year, it was my intention to write mostly on the intersection of art and spirituality. As I finish up the Planting the Seeds series, I am going to be shifting my blogging once more to my original focus. I am working with a web designer and hope to soon reveal a new XOXOX art website – with more art, more blogging, and more ways I can be of service to the world as an artist.

It’s my hope that I will be teaching art classes to help people find their visual voice, overcome the inner critic and the criticisms from other people, fear of showing their art and more. I am dreaming of some fairly big projects. I’m taking baby steps right of planning and visioning right now. So…please stay tuned.

Also, for many of us, Covid has been a disruptor. I will not be alone in rebuilding community once this is over and we can move into community again. I hope to be on the front lines of community building – helping others, as well, who are searching for connection and authentic community. I will offer myself as a co-creator and collaborative conversation partner to any and all who are desiring a new path forward toward creation of a new world as we move tentatively into community with one another again.

During the early days of the covid quarantine, I felt like I was on sabbatical. Through grace I given the time to read, focus and ground myself in foundational ideals around leadership and community building. I learned so much and am determined that the time spent in study will not be in vain by taking that work into community again.

I hope you will continue to journey with me.

One last thing – the past few weeks have been some of the most difficult I’ve ever experienced, but my faith and hope were sustained through the prayers, efforts and support of many deep spirited friends and family members. I love you all so much and just wanted to publicly share my gratitude. You know who you are. Words can’t express, so here’s a video for you. Enjoy!

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Stay connected! Stay strong! If you are in need of prayer or anything else I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Blessings and peace to you.

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  1. Rinnie
    What beautiful heart-felt words! May God continue to bless you on your journey.

  2. So wonderful to read your words again, Rinnie. I missed your blog – was afraid I had overlooked something, but now realize that you were taking a break, which is great. Take the time you need for discernment. Would love to see you.

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