There’s Power in Name

That’s right, Old Dog.

Isn’t that what you tell me? To Name the Power is to Engage the Power.

Yes…that was what the theologian Walter Wink wrote…

Yes…you and your theologians…

Well….you and your early morning conversations.

It is early.

Alexa says it’s 2:34 am. Don’t you value my sleep?

You were dreaming of the Wild One again. I’m a jealous god. I demand your full attention.

Well…I guess you have it now. You were talking about names?

Yeah, where was I? 

Yes…there’s Power in Name.
Why do we name?

If we trust Genesis…we name to bring form from the void. According to the Message, the void was like a soup
Formless emptiness

And there was a crack in the everythingness. And God saw this crack and named it “Light.”
And everything was suddenly Blue. And there was a crack in the Blue.
And God named “Sky” for that above the crack
And God named “Sea” for that below the crack.
And there was a crack in the Sea
And there was form in the formless.
And God named that form “Land”
And all was good.

And all was right.

There’s more to the story…

There’s always more to the Naming…

I could go on and continue the story laid out in Genesis, but I sense in you a restlessness,
this is not the Naming you want to talk about.

No…you know me well.

I’m not thinking of stories of Creation tonight.
I’m think about the Power in the naming.
You named Me.

Yes, and in that naming
You came to Be.

Your Name
my mantra
for decades
and in the Naming
like a phoenix from the flame…
You stepped through the crack
from the void lifting the veil.

And now here you are
interrupting my much deserved sleep.

Let’s talk about names. And the Power of naming.
You say names – I’ve seen you – daily in your meditation – you say names –

Your first breath in morning meditation, whose name do you say?

George Floyd…

When you go bird watching, whose name?

Christian Cooper…

When you take a walk in the neighborhood or jog, whose names?

Mike Brown and Ahmaud Arbery…

And as you turn that turn signal on?

Sandra Brown…

And as you crawl into bed in the evening?

Breonna Taylor…

You speak their names,
so many names,
you speak so many names.

Yes, I don’t want to forget the sins of the manifest destiny and the soul-sickness that keeps on giving. I want to believe in the resurrection – that “new life” will arise again from all this death and madness of white supremacy.

So yes…I speak their names to remember.
Names give Power to the imagination,
calling forth the Reckoning
and sparking the Revolution.

You spoke my Name 
out of the ashes

of a white-washed history.

And you are here again.
And I speak your name
I sing a new hymn “Coyote has come home.”

I sing your name in the forest
to the Tall Ghost Trees
to Great Blue Heron
and Geese on the Rocks.

I whisper your name to
Squirrel on the Tree and
Lizard on the Leaf.

I say “Coyote has come home”
to Turtle on the Trail and
Bee in Flowering Bush.

And to all Snakes of Spring on the Path.
(So many Snakes of Spring these days.)

To all these,
and also
very quietly
to my Trusted and Beloved Companions,
I speak your name.

I tell of a Power come home. I whisper “Carry the message to your kin – Coyote’s come home.
An Old God has been resurrected…it’s a glorious Easter morning. We can sing Hallelujah once more. Go, carry the message – Our God Coyote’s come back home.”

Yes, God has come home, But it’s not the one they are waiting for.
They will think you speak blasphemy.

No…I think that they will think that I’m just telling tales, making up stories. I’m an artist. I’m a story teller of theological imagination, simply creating “New Stories of an Old God For a Broken World.”

Those around me in the know
they hear and listen
and some are beginning to whisper
Your name back to me.

They are beginning to see and your story grows.

And the story that I tell, is one of your Divine Trickery….and the long confidence game You played co-opting the life of one of their own to study the white man and his philosophy and his religion and his liberation theology.

It was just yesterday that I showed you that truth and you cried
you grieved
you mourned
and were still most of the day
not speaking to me.

And what did I say to you
at the end of the day,
when I could speak again?

You said to me
“Thank you.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 
I love you all the more for that.”

Yes, I said “I love you all the more for that.”
And I spoke your Name.

It’s after 3 now.

Shall we get to work?

Back to the Naming?

Yes…but first I think we should dance.

Will we tango?

Or waltz?

The Hokey Pokey?

What about the “Twist and Shout?”

Well…we will twist. And I do want to shout.
I want to dance and
I want to shout their Names.

Who’s names, Old Dog?

My Kin. I’m ready for a Ghost Dance.
What say you, my dear…shall we have a Ghost Dance

A Ghost Dance?
You know I’m just a fucking white woman right?

Yes, you are definitely a white woman,
but you lifted the veil.
And that takes Power –

much strength in this girl.

So…what say you?

Shall we have a Ghost Dance?
And speak the Names of my Kin
the Names of Gods
and engage the Powers
to bring them home.

Shall we have a Ghost Dance?
And Howl forth the Reckoning

Oh my Trickster, is there a Rumble coming?

Maybe even a Revolution….

Shall we my dear? Shall we have a Ghost Dance?

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