A new chapter has begun. Somehow I have begun writing Trickster tales and I’m a character in the stories as we travel through the expansiveness and revisit history in order to discover just when and where the great Divide and Divine Imagination created this force, this soul-sickness we call “white supremacy.”

In this chapter, we go back to the most known Creation Story, to the Garden itself, when it was populated with ALL the gods and goddesses.

The Trickster tells the stories.
I write the stories.
Or maybe I’m the teller of the stories,

and the Trickster is the writer.
I no longer know the difference
Who or what is doing the telling – Who or what is doing the writing.
It’s all a Mystery.
Maybe that’s not really important in the long run.

Please enjoy.
Feel free to ask questions.
Feel free to journey with us.
Feel free to join us in the Hokey Pokey and the Ghost Dance.


On one of my excursions
to the River Church,
I was promised a story….
a tale
going back – way back
to the Beginning
of the Naming itself.

Yet –
in order to hear my Trickster’s tale – 
his rendering –
of the story
in the Garden
of the First Man 
and the First Woman and 
that infamous Tree of Knowledge –
first – we have to
do some traveling.

I have to hitch a ride – 
upon a wave.

I must catch the wave…

..and this wave crashes into me
through a strange, surprising delight
that comes my way…

But that particular story
is still in play 
and is
not to be talked about

No – today –
my story –
it’s a trip into the expansiveness,
and a step into the Healing Game….
to find
the First Word…
the Alpha…and
the Genesis
of the soul-sickness
of our day.

We, my Trickster and I,
looking for a cure –
a remedy –
and to do so – we
must go back
to the ultimate beginning –
to the birth
of human consciousness
and the emergence of
Divine Imagination.

So we close our eyes –
take a deep breath –
and step into
the expansiveness..

“Wait…what’s this expansiveness?”
asks the Wild One,
her slim, petite body
sliding up next to mine.

You’re here, I say…
the Wild One has arrived.
She’s caught the ride with me.
She is here – and she is
so much bolder 
than I ever dreamed.

But that’s why I named her
the Wild One.

How can you so tease? I answer.
What’s this expansiveness?  I repeat.
You big flirt! I say,
looking straight
into her eyes.

The expansiveness –
only the greatest Love Story ever told
and the wedding of the century…

The expansiveness –
the union between
the landscape of the inner transcendent –
the terrain of the soul
and this physical plane we call
reality –
a melding of this diptych
into One.

The expansiveness –
the dance floor
where the Trickster and I
have chosen to dance
and call home the gods of old
and call for the freedom of our people
from the greatest hijackers of all time.

A playground, where now you,
my blessed Wild One,
have joined the wedding party –
first two, now three…
a union of
the most sacred,
profane triptych.
Now we three
have no
no divide…

The expansiveness –
where we’ve united
becoming a new creation –
where together
we call our family home-
where we together rock
the Ghost Dance.

The expansiveness –
where you, my Wild One,
were conceived, then born –
where you were Named,
and your Power formed and
where that power is fully engaged.
It’s where you, my Wild One
emerge from behind the veil.

With fiery,
and fierceness,
boldness and audacity –
you now
blaze through the world
with a gift and a message
for an emerging new day
in the Healing Game.

The expansiveness –
where this Mystery is working us –
or maybe where we now
work the Mystery.
It gives
we take ..
It flows, 
we ebb.

It’s all quite fascinating –
this altered state
of consciousness.
Altered –
because it’s different.

“Different? How so?” asks the Wild One.

It’s different…
It is more bold and audacious
with freedom from the old scripts.
It’s a brand new operating system
and we see through a new lens.
It’s a new chapter
of an old story.
It’s grace – for we
are a new creature.

We are alive 
with fresh wonder and amazement –
reaching into a vast love, 
There’s just so much love
in this Healing Game –
and there’s a prayer upon
our hearts for everyone.

Pure adrenaline
unlike what came before –
primal, tribal
raw and pure
fueling the journey
deep into the past
to reach way into the future
in order
to create a new ending.

You two, and your sexy flirting…

“Oi” says the Wild One,
“our Trickster has come to play.”

Of course I come,
It’s time to journey
deep into the expansiveness.
I have a story to tell,
promised a long while ago.

Finally, I say, I’ve been waiting….

Are you ready, ladies?
Tonight we travel far
to the Beginning
to the first Naming….

To the Beginning 
with the First Word…
to the Alpha…
to the Genesi

And with the snap
of his fingers,
the Trickster
starts the projector
and the movie begins.

“Did you bring the popcorn?” the Wild One nudges me.
Shhh…I say.

On the screen
First Woman and First Man
appear and the Trickster
begins his narration.

We meet
First Man and First Woman
standing in the Garden….
looking into vastness

of the Heavens
in awe.

The First Word is spoken.
This is the moment
Human Consciousness
and Divine Imagination
came into play.

“Will we also see the First Fuck?” asks the Wild One.

You are so bad…I reply.

The Trickster ignores us.

And in this moment,
the Formless
and the Gods
are born.

We the formless
stepped out of void
into the arms of
First Woman and First Man…
We the formless
became the many.

the God of the Sky
the Mother of the Earth, 
the Lovers, 
and the Healers, 
and all the Hunters, 

And we see the Wise Sisters, 
and the very Hungry Brothers.
Along with
the Artisans
and the Destroyers
and there are many,

many others –
the Doctors and the Midwives
the Philosophers and the Fools

First Man and First Woman
they used their burgeoning
and gave us all names

birthing us into being
birthing us into the
Divine Imagination.

And with the Naming…
comes the power
then the engagement,
and then the consequences.

We begin to take dominion
over our Parents.
We being to dominate

and control our very

And that’s when
it all begins to go
to shit…

“Dang, Old Dog, watch your language…”
says the Wild One.

The Trickster winks at our girl
and continues….

And the Power Trips begin….
As the Gods and Goddesses
and then compete.

In spite of the divide,
First Man and First Woman
are not done yet.

The Naming continues
with the tangibles –
of what they can see
the creatures of the Garden
the Naming continues
and then they arrive at the tree…

Let’s name it The Tree of Knowledge
Says one…
yes let’s says the other 
And the tree is named…
Its power – activated!
Its fruits giving
First Woman and First Man
knowledge of Everything
under the sky and heavens.

This doesn’t make He –
the God of the Sky
very happy.

He starts to strut 
and he carries on
about the Tree and its fruits.
“Don’t eat from this tree.
It will bring you Death.

he says.

What is this Death, says One to the Other  
Have we named that yet?

The other Gods and Goddesses
begin to fret
“What’s special about that tree?
“What game is afoot?”
“What is death?”
“What’s a garden, without fruit.”

We all whisper 
amongst ourselves.

And I shake my head
And say “Well…why they hell not?
First Man and First Woman
birthed us.
They named us.
It just ain’t right,” I say.

We all argued that day
in the garden:
The God of the Sky
and our Earth Mama,
the Gods of the Oceans
and Seas
and our Fertility Goddesses.

The Goddesses of Love
hung back
singing songs
making music
writing sonnets of love
while the Gods of War
sharpened their blades
and polished their knives.

And I,
your Opportunistic Trickster,
simply ignored the fray…

choosing instead
to trick…
after all – that’s my specialty.

I quietly slid right on up to First Woman….
while the crowd argued
And I whispered to our Mother…
“Please don’t mind us…
And heed not the words of
the God of the Sky.
He’s a fool.
The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
is simply fruit – juicy, tangy, and sweet.

The Wild One and I
watch this historical
re-enactment of the
Garden Story with
great earnest and in suspense.
The Wild One takes my hand and winks,
“Aah…I think I remember this day.
I am beginning to recall
I may have been there.”

Yes, my love, you know this story well.
You lived this tale.
You know how it ends.,,,

The Trickster continues.

The fruit is eaten.
The God of the Sky rails:
How dare our parents want to be us?!

The other Gods shake ..
while God of the Sky
takes ultimate command
bringing down the storms of heaven
upon the Garden
and we are all
one by one cast out…
and where once we were formless,
and One…
now we are many
divided and homeless.

We all scatter away
from the Garden – all of us Gods
along with

First Man and First Woman.

Migrating out of Africa to the beyond 
some sailed across the seas.
some settled in the New Worlds 
that eventually became the Americas…

Few went to Antarctica…
not even the Gods like that
kind of cold .

And I went a little everywhere –
for all peoples and tribes like a Trickster –

“Or a fool…” says the Wild One. –

Yes, and I’ve been them all:

Crow and Raven
Monkey King
to name a few –
as well as me 
the one you two hotties
love the most
your Old Man Coyote….

Yeah we scattered…and
life, love,
fucking, babies,
pain, hunger,
illness –
and even Death – awaited the outcasts –
especially the Gods and Goddesses
for back in the Garden –
alone and bitter
the anger of the God of the Sky grew
and he declared himself
“The One, the Only True God”
giving birth
to a new tribe of men
whose Divine Imagination
would ultimately change

the course of human
and divine history

for everyone.

The movie projector stops.
We three
quietly sit
the air around us
becomes heavy
and we eventually
step off the wave
and arrive back home
in our soul-sick world –
where division –
Man and Woman
and all the tribes of all the people
the world over –
still reign –
the Consequence
of the mass Exile from the Garden
where all the old Gods and Goddesses
are long in retreat, in hiding, or long dead
from the Divine Imagination.

The Wild One breaks the silence,  
“Hmmm, so…this is why you have called me here?
This is what you are all about?”

Yep – says my God – 100%

How deep you tend to go 
with all this?” asks the Wild One.

I will go as deep as I can…
deep enough
to heal the divide and break the spell of the
“One True” White God and his cult.

And looking at me the Wild One says
“She’s just a fucking white woman. You think she’s the one for this task?”

Yep, for sure, 100% 
I‘ve been priming her for nearly 500 Moon Cycles.
This girl knows my tricks
and has some of her own.

You can trust her.

The Wild One shrugs and looks at me a little skeptically,
“If you say so…”

And the she goes, Well, it’s been real, cats, but I gotta scat. 
I gotta date with a Goddess of a woman.
Catch ya later, gators,” 

And with a quick kiss
on both our cheeks –
she steps back behind the veil.

I really like her, I say to Coyote.

Yeah… she’s special. 

I think she’s kinda gay. 
And she’s so young…

Nah, my love, your Wild One is an ancient one.

Who is she? I say.

You’ll find out.
Yes, for sure.
You’ll see her again 
soon enough.

She said that I will probably marry a woman.

Now, that’s a thought…

Yeah…I hadn’t considered that
an option before.

She’s right to question, though, how deep are you
willing to go to rumble?

Oh baby , don’t your worry now.
We’re gonna simply dance.
We will dance and
our people will come home.  
You’ll see, so many are calling
for the Healing.

They will come.

You and me, sweet pea,
we’re gonna rumble and
lead the way to the healing 

We’re gonna find the Remedy
to the illness,
and lead our people home.

That’s where we head
that’s where we go.
that’s our dance.

We’ll do the Hokey Pokey

And turn ourselves around.

That’s what it’s all about.

Oh by the way…

Yes, dear?

I heard from your Sleeper Agent.
He says he dabbles with you.
That he’s an absurdist.
I have a date to talk Trickster shit Friday.
Think he’ll be a part of our story?

The Trickster winks….
To be continued….

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