“The Right Questions” is personal to me.
I hope you will find value in it.
Let me know what you think.


I always ask…

What does it mean…
to craft one’s soul?
to walk toward the Mystery?
to engage the powers?

What does it mean…
to love another’s body?
another’s heart?
another’s spirit?
another’s healing?

What does it mean…
to rewrite one’s story?
to be the hero?
to be the One You need to be…
the one who’s been there
all along the way
behind the veil?

What does it mean…
to embark on Sacred romance
with the God
who lives in your Expansiveness
between the landscapes
of the physical reality and of the soulful spirit?

What does it mean…
to have purpose
and a mission
and to set in motions
the actions and events
that will alter your destiny

What does it all mean?

Does it mean anything at all?

Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions all along?
Maybe the questions should be…

How do I…
craft my soul?
embrace the Mystery
and engage the powers?

How do I…
love another’s broken body
and fragile heart
and injured spirit
to aid in their healing?

How do I…
rewrite the story of my disjointed life –
the sorrows and pains
to offer strength and resilience
to those I love…
being for them
who they need me to be
In this soul-sick world?

How do I…
romance my God, the wily Trickster
and step faithfully into the expansiveness
to live with purpose,
stay on mission
and set in motion the actions
and events that will alter the destiny of
humankind forever?


Only with boldness
and Audacity
and Tenaciousness

Only with Fiery,
with Furiousness, and
with Fortitude.


With Clarity,
with Charity,
and with Love
that transcends all love.

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