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A whopper of an anxiety attack hit me recently. I felt that something was broken or lacking inside of me.  I couldn’t catch my breath. I was gripped with fear and panic. 

During recovery, I had an epiphany that the anxiety and fear and distrust that manifested during the attack – all of it – had its roots in a mindset of scarcity.

As part of my ongoing recovery, I’ve decided to take myself on a 30-Day mindset shift and challenge to examine deeply the causes and effects of a scarcity mindset and truly see if embracing a mindset of abundance is possible.

We learn and absorb scarcity mindsets throughout our lives. 

It’s rooted in competition and inequitable systems. 

It’s the root cause of all the tensions and divisions we are experiencing in our country and around the world.

Scarcity manifests itself through competition – telling us that there isn’t “enough” – “enough money,” “enough food,” “enough happiness,” “enough love” for all of us. It tells us that if “one gains, another has to lose.”

Is this true? How do we know it’s true?

If scarcity is so powerful…what are the messages that we need in the world to counteract that mindset and move into a world of abundance?

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