30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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    Abundance Living is about being open and curious! Check out everything! Don’t let a moment go by when you aren’t curious about what will happen next! Explore, watch and take it all in.

Abundance Living is about sharing space with others (even if most of the time they antagonize you.) We all live on this planet together. We are going to bump up against each other, but sometimes we simply need to let it all go and rest next to each other. Resting together brings peace – even if it’s a temporary respite.

3. PLAY!
Working all the time is not cool. Turn off your computer and simply play with your neighbor, co-worker, friends, and family. Zoom around, wrestle and simply play. Laugh! Be of good cheer!

Simply snuggle!

That’s all folks! Move along now!

3 Comments on Day 5 – 4 Lessons I’ve Learned about Abundance Living through Cats

3 Replies to “Day 5 – 4 Lessons I’ve Learned about Abundance Living through Cats”

  1. As a dog person, I’m not going to take a swipe at felines. Cats are unique. I think we can and should learn a whole lot more from animals than we do. We consider ourselves the superior beings, but being “animalistic” is actually kinder, fairer (and better for the environment) than acting human.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! Yes, I agree! Animals simply exist in this world! Humans have developed imperfect systems in which to live. We constantly have to remind ourselves to live simply and “be human!”

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