30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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“I can’t draw!”

I’ve been creating art since my early 30’s. When I was young, I was convinced I was unartistic. I didn’t believe I had an artistic bone in my body. Yet, when I was in my early 30’s I bought a house and began taking art lessons, thinking at some point I would decorate my home in original art – created by me.

Being told I had to learn to draw before I could become a painter, I took a drawing class. It was a frustrating and complexing experience. The teacher was consistently condescending about my drawing attempts and rude on a number of occasions. I continued to show up, but hated everything I created.

Needless to say, I stopped drawing. I did take painting classes though – learned I didn’t have to draw in order to paint. I kept at it – and 8 years later began to consider myself an “artist” and today my home is decorated by many a painting of my own creation.

But I have no drawings…and “I can’t draw” has continued to be my mantra….well, until this past week. As I embark on this 30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge, I began to rethink the statement “I can’t draw” and how limiting this belief has been.

In order to test this belief, I bought myself a sketch book and some drawing pencils.

And I started playing…and looking at shapes as well as drawing tutorials on the web.

I started with cats, because I live with three and they control my life. (As well as teach me valuable lessons on abundance living.)

I gave myself permission to be okay with the imperfections of lines and images. And because I’m a painter, I added some color.

Scarcity mindsets are notorious for leveling us with limiting beliefs. “I can’t draw” is only one of many that I’m working on overcoming in the next 30-Days.

I may never master drawing as a skill, but by embracing an Abundance Mindset, I can celebrate the circles, curvy lines, slanty ovals, and pointy triangles that I can make.

I can mix and blend all these shapes and simply give myself permission to play, and let go….

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  1. It’s a calico – hoot 🦉 hoot!
    I love the pants on the bird. You’re drawings are simple yet abundant with joy 🥲

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