30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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I enjoy hiking a lot and walking trails near my home. Recently I began to have knee issues – I’ve had to slow down and not walk so far. This is how life works sometimes – we’re on a certain path or trajectory and suddenly we find that we have to pivot.

There are times that pivoting can be really challenging, especially if that pivoting bumps into our sense of identity and who we believe we are.

Slowing down meant seeing my path through the woods in a new way – I began to “Look Up” and stop and watch the birds and listen to the bird choruses. I became curious about the sounds and what birds were singing.

I started talking to the birdwatchers on the trail – asking them about the birds. 

I downloaded an app to help me identify the birds:

Abundance Living means learning how to pivot with curiosity and playfulness. It also means expanding your identity – and being open to new possibilities, hobbies and passions.

“Look Up” and embrace fullness with grace and open heart. Be a lifelong learner of your own life – and pivot with anticipation of possibilities.

Yesterday, I bought a monocle for bird watching. I’m excited to take it out with me the next time I hit the trails.

Focus not on the trail you think is in front of you, but rather challenge yourself to “Look Up” and find new ways to travel familiar paths. The world is full of abundant possibilities.

Simply “Look Up”! Who knows what is waiting around the bend!

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