30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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It’s been said that for every negative comment or experience we have, it takes 5-6 positive ones to overcome the effect that the one experience had on us. 

Wow! That’s some power that negativity holds over our thoughts.  

One of the primary functions of our brain is to protect us – to process threats to our wellbeing and protect us from getting hurt – activating a “fight or flight” response. 

Our brains do that job really well. Positive thoughts and experience are simply not threats – and so the brain doesn’t respond as quickly, as there is no immediate and present danger.  

Many of us are socialized and conditioned to live in this state of “fight or flight” – a constant state of anxiety, distrust, and fear that we are going to be hurt. 

While we need to have our brain looking out for us and protecting us from real danger, our thoughts can get stuck – especially when our identities form out of the distrust and trauma of our past. We associate ourselves with those negative experiences and think “I can’t have it better. I’m not deserving.” 

We don’t have to stay stuck though – we can, consciously, change our mindsets. We can interact with our brains little by little and challenge the thoughts that arise. We can look deeper into the messages that our minds send us through mediation, journaling, art, and being present in the moment.  We can consciously ask ourselves when we receive a negative message from our brain “Is it true? How do I know it’s true?”

Looking at the world with fresh eyes, and stepping into a more Abundance Living mindset, we can slowly begin to release those self-limiting beliefs.

This may seem silly, but try this little experiment the next time your mind gets stuck on a negative thought:

  • Write down the negative thought
  • Ask – what is this perceived threat that my mind is trying to protect me from?
  • Ask – Is this thought serving me in a real way?
  • Release – say outloud to the thought “Thank you for trying to protect me. I am grateful for your protection…but I’m going to take it from here.”

You are WORTHY of a good and bountiful life.


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