30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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A few months ago, I had an experience that somewhat broke my brain. I took in information that I couldn’t really digest or understand. It was a painful experience, and my brain (trying to protect me) defaulted to old patterns of thinking, and I found myself falling back on habits that did not serve me – binge watching tv, binge eating, inability to exercise, to name a few.

At some point, during this time, I was scrolling through Facebook, and a guy I know posted something that read like this:

I worked this as a mantra, every day for several months. I knew I had reached a breaking point, and I didn’t like the way my mind and bad habits were serving me. It was still work though, and it was a couple months before the lightswitch in my brain received the signal and the light turned on again. 

Overcoming mental models that don’t serve us is an adventure in and of itself.  It’s a matter of recognizing and doing the work when we know that our well has run dry.

Dry wells don’t serve us.

They don’t nourish us and can’t sustain us in the long run.

We all have come across dry wells in our lives. Maybe we run with a group of people who care about us, but keep us feeling small. Maybe we’re stuck in a job that doesn’t serve us, and we don’t know how to get out. Maybe we’re suffering from depression, or anxiety, or both. Maybe we know something has to change, but we’re stuck with habits that we can’t break. Maybe we have multiple identities that are in conflict with one another. Maybe we don’t feel whole – but don’t know what we are missing.

The first step is recognizing when the well is dry.

We need to seek nourishment elsewhere – and then give ourselves permission to find those things that will bring wholeness and peace to our lives. 

We seek out a group of people who care about us and give us permission to be our full selves. We begin to cut back on some of the work we do to give ourselves time to find a new job. We take mental health breaks. We give ourselves permission to try new things, and not be afraid to mess up. We add a new habit into our routine and remind ourselves consciously to do it every day. We examine our identities and see if there’s a way they can be harmonized, or let go of identities that don’t serve us. We seek wholeness within – and give ourselves the creativity we need to find it.

We work with mantras even if it takes months to step into and live into them.  We let the adventure unfold, moment by moment, until our well is full of fresh, nourishing waters once again.

May it be so. 


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