30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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How often do we really give ourselves credit for the good things we’ve accomplished in our lives? The power of scarcity mindsets and negativity means that often we live in a mental model that creates an identity around our failings as humans. We live in our past mistakes and bad experiences. 

But what if – through embracing an Abundance Mindset – that we can begin to correct the negative self-talk, our failures, and our self-deprecating identities – and embrace a more holistic identity that celebrates our successes as well?

I can easily spend my time (and I have done so endlessly) thinking that I am a failure. I’m 52, and haven’t been in many long term relationships. I lost one of the best job I ever had, and the community of people that came with that job. My circle of significant friendships have shrunk considerably over the past few years. I lost my board game group. I’ve had mental breaks that crushed me with fears that I’m not worthy, unlovable and that no one cares for me. I’m needy, pathetic, and dependent. I’ve driven my friends away. I’m alone. I’m lonely.

But what happens if I look at my life a little more holistically and celebrate my successes?

I went to college and grad school. I studied philosophy and religion. I worked with homeless people and ex-cons. I have spent years mentoring youth. I’ve traveled to Mexico, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. I’ve participated in countless fundraising campaigns to make money for various causes. I’ve spent a lifetime engaged in spiritual practice to better myself – and bring peace to the world.

I’ve rescued cats. I’ve been a fairly good daughter, sister and aunt. I persevered through many attempts to create “good art” and “good writing” – after 8 years of endless practice –  broke through and became an artist and writer.  I’ve been the best friend I can be. I started a non-profit with a friend and became a business coach. I’m consciously engaged in mindset shifts in order to be one more voice in creating a better world and future for all. My social circle might be small, but I have some great friends who keep me grounded and have my back.

This isn’t to brag about my accomplishments. This is to show what happens when we embrace a more integrated, balanced mindset. We open ourselves up to the goodness that awaits us, rather than shrinking away and hiding behind past mistakes and self-limiting beliefs.  

Mindset shifts are powerful and healing – and can give us insight into our lives – and celebrate the good things in our lives.

What successes are you celebrating?


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  1. I’ve enjoyed doing a similar exercise with the children’s book Alexander and Terrible, Awful, No-Good, Very Bad Day. It was actually a good day, looking through the lens of positivity and gratitude!

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