30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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I’m sure you’ve heard this common ice-breaker question before:

Whereas it’s a great conversation starter, I often wonder if a better, more thoughtful question would be:

What is your superpower? What do YOU do that excels beyond and above the average person?

The difference between these two questions is simple. The first question is asking us to name a characteristic that we lack. To name something we don’t have and speculate how life would be different if we could have.

The second question allows us to take stock of the talents, passions, and skills we already possess.

What attributes do we possess that sets us apart from the masses? What inherit gifts do we bring to our community, families, home, and life?

The first question comes from a scarcity mindset. It can be a fun question to ask around a dinner table (especially when people begin questioning the moral reasons someone would want the power of invisibility.) But ultimately it’s a question that illuminates what we don’t have, and keeps us speculating about how life would be better if we did.

“What is Your Superpower?” asks us to examine the strengths and abilities we already possess. It helps us look at our lives from a more Abundance centered mindset – teasing out the expertise, creativity, and ingenuity we already have in our wheelhouse.

One keeps us speculating on “what if I could do that?” The other keeps us grounded and rooted in the here and now “what gifts do I have now to make the world a better place?”

With confidence – tell me “what is your superpower?”


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