30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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Today, I have reached the half-way mark of the 30-day Abundance Mindset challenge.  The heart of the challenge is to begin “paying closer attention” to how the mind works. What are the messages I receive? Are these messages useful to me, my work, and my relationships? If not, what systems can I create to override these messages – essentially trying to reprogram my mind?

A few years ago, I went on antidepressants and antianxiety medication at the urging of a friend. There were things going on and I was in a constant state of high anxiety. My friend told me that anxiety was a chemical imbalance and that I needed medication to help manage it.  I trusted him, and we went to the doctor together. 

I took the medication for a few years. But the truth is, my anxiety didn’t really go away. The medication didn’t really help much. I don’t think I really ever felt better. The mental scripts I suffered from were still at play. There was something missing from the remedy…mindset work.

I’m not an expert in brain chemistry. I just have my experience.  These past couple of years, though, I’ve read a lot and learned a lot about mental models and mental habits.  It’s not just chemicals that are at play in the brain – there are also deeply ingrained, unconscious belief systems about who we are as human beings occupying this world we live in.

Many of these belief systems – I am convinced now – have arisen from a Scarcity Mindset that we are socialized into at an early age. It’s no one’s fault – that’s just the way it was and continues to be.

In his book Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build New Habits and Break Old Ones, James Clear shows us how to build a system that will help us improve our habits by making tiny, easy changes daily – and progress by getting 1% better everyday.

I’m undergoing an experiment to change my mental habits to be a more creative, loving, and peaceful person. I am hoping that I can take this one day at a time, improving 1% every day adding goodwill and Abundance Living Mindset to my already messy mind.

This week, I want to do 1% better every day to improve my thinking and the mental scripts that don’t serve me, my life, my work and my relationships.  This involves creating systems and taking small steps – EVERYDAY – to embrace a more loving and peaceful mind.

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