30-Day Abundance Mindset Challenge

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“Be Excellent to each other” says the prophets of future peace, William “Bill” S. Preston Esq and Theodore “Ted” Logan. 

The strive toward perfection is greatly overrated, and often, when it’s not achieved can be devastating for a person’s growth. 

It’s a simple fact that we, humans, are imperfect. It’s time to let go of the concept that there’s a perfect person inside of me – and inside of all of us – that there’s no perfect place to get to, even if we strive hard in our jobs, our relationships, our families.

If there’s no perfect state to reach, the end game becomes less important. What becomes more important is the process – the journey – and how we get there.

Rather that toiling away trying to reach that state of “perfection” – let’s focus on how we can work hard and be excellent, without being anxious or worrying so much about the end game. Let’s be kind to ourselves and each other along the journey.

Let’s simply “Be Excellent!”

I’m going to make this my new mantra “Be outstanding, be extremely good, and be kind.”

Let’s be extremely and outstandingly good to each other. Let’s lighten up, and laugh a bit more along the way, after all, we only got this one journey. Let’s enjoy the journey

“Be outstanding and extremely good.” 

And…”party on, dudes!”


For your listening pleasure….a bit of Michael Franti….

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