About me


I paint to Free myself from routine and details and busy work.  

I paint to Express my soul in color.

I paint to Empty thoughts and feel my heart.

I paint to give Love back to the world.

I believe all people have creative energy within waiting to emerge and be made manifest in the world. As an art teacher and a creativity coach, I work with you to develop your visual/artistic voice. It’s my hope to help you unlock your artistic passions and help you manifest your vision into creation.

Creative Coaching:

It would be my pleasure to walk with you as a budding artist and help you find your voice. Are you seeking a collaborative conversation partner to help you:

  • create strategies and techniques to overcome the inner (and outer) critics?
  • build confidence in your art and other creative pursuits?
  • create connections and avenues to show your work and don’t know where to begin?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I’m here to help you deepen your own creative practice through conversation, as well as personal instruction in the creative arts through painting. 

Art Classes:

Wanna start with some basics before diving deep into finding your visual voice? If so, I have a class for you. Together we will look at ways to challenge your inner critic and increase confidence in authentic self-expression.