Thus Coyote Howls: 8 Minutes, 46 Seconds

On the eve of Memorial Day, 2021 – my God and I remember.
We take a journey through philosophical inquiry and discourse.
We discuss ethics.

We pause periodically for “8 minutes and 46 seconds”.
In our pause, we don’t breathe.
We simply remember and we pray that somehow
we can find a remedy to cure this soul-sickness of white supremacy.

Dedicated to George Floyd.

Upon this I ponder: the two Soul-Sicknesses of our Times

I originally started writing my blog to talk about art, spirituality, and the intersection between the two. A year ago, I was dismissed from a church job that I held for about over 14 years. I stopped writing about hard things and all things spiritual. I started focusing on creativity and connecting with writers. I’m ready to write about hard things again. It’s time. Good friends of mine are hurting. I am hurting. We have to speak out when bad things happen, and it’s time for me to heal. In this blog series, I will turn to things that hurt – racism, narcissism, and more. I will rant, but know I’m also praying and healing and loving.