Author: Rinnie Orr

Greetings! Welcome to XOXOX Art Studio. I believe everyone has a spark of creativity that will lead them to find their greatest passions. Through individualized art classes and creative coaching, I help people overcome creative block, break through self-doubt and build confidence. How can I help you find your greatest passion?

From the inbox: “Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome”

Today’s “From the inbox” discusses imposter syndrome that a lot of artist’s experience. Advice for breaking through Imposter Syndrome and claiming the identity of “artist”.

From the inbox: “INSPIRE: 7 Strategies for Discovering your Unique, Creative Voice”

Today’s “From the inbox” gives suggestions, tips, practices for helping an artist find their unique, visual voice. 7 strategies to find your unique, visual voice.

From the inbox: “I don’t show anyone my art.”

Today’s “From the inbox” responds to a shy artist who doesn’t show their art work to anyone, and asks for advice on how to get over the fear.

From the inbox: “Why is your art so weird?”

Today’s “From the inbox” responds to a critic asking “Why is your art so weird?” and “can you really call that art?”

From the inbox: “Help. I hate my art. What do I do?”

“From the Inbox” is a new regular column answering reader questions about art, finding voice, building confidence, and whatever else may be on the artist’s mind.

Becoming “Braver and Bolder”

Time for truth: I have a closet full of “bad art” – art I’ve created over the years – art…

“Planting the Seeds: A Conclusion…for now anyway….

In this blog post, I wrap up my planting the seeds blog series, touch on new vision and new journey and invite y’all to continue to journey with me. Peace and blessings….

“Planting the Seeds of Hope, part 2: Cultivating Collaborative Friendships”

In this blog post, I move from pondering hope to creating space for collaborative conversations to foster change and bring people together into community.

“Planting the Seeds of Hope, part 1: Let’s dream – dear ones – let’s dream!”

In this blog post, I ponder hope. Is it all a dream? If so, how do we dream it into reality when life seems so bleak these days?