Breaking through “Artist Block”

Has your inspiration for creating art run dry? At some point or another in your artistic life, you may have experienced one or more of these things: staring at your artist’s tools (in my case – paints, paper, canvases), but you just can’t “feeling the love.” you have NO any idea what to create and […]

Presenting my “XOXOX” studio

People often ask “Where do you paint?” So…here’s some pics of my home studio. XOXOX art takes place in my kitchen – half my kitchen area has been transformed into my art studio. I experience an exciting thrill when I’m in my studio, staring at a blank canvas. I’m not an artist that often knows […]

“Your Land…Our Hands,” acrylic on canvas, 2019

Inspired by me conflicting feelings around the Thanksgiving myth we grew up with, and feeling solidarity with my African, Latinx and Native brothers and sisters. “Your Land…Our Hands” is a painting about boundaries. The land, the sky, the trees, and even the sun, are all encompassed by boundaries. Boundaries set, designed by the white imperialists […]