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“Planting the Seeds: A Conclusion…for now anyway….

In this blog post, I wrap up my planting the seeds blog series, touch on new vision and new journey and invite y’all to continue to journey with me. Peace and blessings….

“Planting the Seeds of Hope, part 2: Cultivating Collaborative Friendships”

In this blog post, I move from pondering hope to creating space for collaborative conversations to foster change and bring people together into community.

“Planting the Seeds of Hope, part 1: Let’s dream – dear ones – let’s dream!”

In this blog post, I ponder hope. Is it all a dream? If so, how do we dream it into reality when life seems so bleak these days?

Planting the Seeds of Love, part 3: “Being Deep Spirited Friends”

In this blog post, I affirm that I am still here. That I will continue to plant the seeds, and tend to the garden. I express gratitude for deep spirited friends. That we are resilient, in spite of our grief.

“Grieved, yet Un-tethered…”

Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay  This morning, these things I know are true: The world has radically changed in the past few…

“Planting the Seeds of Love, part 2: Grounding, not Grumbling”

In this blog post, I think about how this time of quarantine has helped me in becoming a spiritually grounded person and achieve new synergy in my work life balance. I also hope sharing will provide some hope for those in need.

Mystic musings: Too much time with the trees!

In this blog post, I move in and out of the forests and trees to find deep spiritual truths about identity, ego and love.

“Planting the Seeds of Love, part 1: Taking Stock”

In this blog post, I’m writing about strategies for taking stalk of our life during these days of quarantine, to move from despair to a more grounded peace of mind.

Planting the Seeds: Navigating the God Season, A Lenten Reflection

Image by Shimul Nath from Pixabay  The seed is the Word of God. The seeds on the road are those who hear the…

Entering the God Season: A Lenten Meditation

Image by Keli Black from Pixabay  Then he turned to the crowd: “When you see clouds coming in from the west, you say,…