Creativity is a Super Power: Unleash and Be Bold!

As we move into 2022 – I’d like to share some recent reflections on the power of creativity.
It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.
This past spring, my creativity was flowing, and I was writing and sharing reflections on my life, my struggles and spiritual journey, a Trickster God, and telling a story of a heart in transition from grief and heartbreak to hope and courage.
And then – I took a break from my personal reflections because I got busy with other important work – the creation of a new nonprofit with a friend.
Recently I shared a presentation and slideshow on “Creativity as a Superpower” and I decided to repurpose the conversation into a creativity blog and share it with y’all.
By the way – please stay tuned! I’ll have some exciting news and fun things to share coming up real soon. In the meantime…