Creative Coaching

It’s never too late to re-invent yourself and begin a journey to unlock your creativity.

I’m here to help you, as a creative person, demystify the creative process and to unlock your potential to create.
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Overcome the Critic

Perhaps your own inner critic holds you back from creating the work you really want to create? Maybe you’ve experienced criticism in your attempt to show others your work?

I can help you push aside the negative voices that hold you back from creating.

Setting Creative Goals and Keeping Them

Do you have specific creative goals and need help meeting them? Maybe you want to begin marketing your work, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have an idea for a major project, but don’t know how to carve out time with a busy schedule to begin?

I can help you set creative goals and create strategies to meet them.

Connecting Creativity and Spirituality

Are you wanting to incorporate more spirituality into your work? Do you want to explore how spirituality influences your creativity, and vice versa?

I can help you begin to examine the depths of your creative and spiritual journey, drawing on my experience of the contemplative and spiritual practices of many spiritual traditions.

My Story:
I started painting a little over 14 years ago in order to create original art to hang on the walls of my new home.

Letting Go Of My Inner Critic:
I bought materials, took a few art classes and began from scratch. I was one of those people who said “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.” Art classes were intimidating. I felt I had no talent, no skills, and was pretty embarrassed by almost all the paintings I did. I’m not sure why, but I continued to paint. I continued to buy art supplies and continued to take classes. Little by little, I began to let go of the inner critic and would show a piece of art that I enjoyed. I was still plagued by the inner critic, especially when someone said “well…okay…but I don’t get it.”

Putting It Out There:
Fast forward to 2019. I had my first art show. It was so exciting to see.  I sold several pieces. It was a victory of heart over the inner critic. I began to see myself  as a “real” artist. From that experience I created a website and a blog that explores the intersection between art and spirituality in order to aid others to finding their true, authentic creative voice.

Spirituality and Creativity:
As I move through my own creative journey, I realize more and more that the art I do comes from a deep place within. Art is like a meditation practice for me. It is centering, and helps me to live deeper in the moment. As I move deeper into my art, I realize I really want to help others who may be struggling to create. I know it’s not always an easy process, and sometimes I hear people say “I give up. My art is bad.” I want to help people break free and find more inner freedom to put their best work forward.