I have been in love with the art of Haiku for many, many years. I love the simplicity of the art form itself, three lines of 17 syllables. Yet, a haiku written well, is full of depth. For me, it’s a snapshot of a simple moment captured in a natural environment. 

There was one year, I wrote a haiku every day in a weekly calendar I bought just for haikus. Sadly, I lost this calendar years ago. I’ve flirted back and forth with this art form for many years of my life.

The “Photo Haiku” project is a re-kindling of this love affair. In this digital age, I have so many photos capturing my relationship with nature, animals, landscapes, colors and art. Through this project, I hope to embrace my love of haikus once more, and merge them with my nature photography.

“What forms of art do you flirt back and forth with and how can you bring that art to life?”