My medium is acrylic on gesso board or canvas. My goal as artist is to paint, create and find loving homes where the art is appreciated.

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November & December 2020

October 2020– “Life in Pieces”

“How do I tell my story?” is the question I’ve wrestled with the past few months.

“My life is in pieces.”

Whereas I can’t bear to pick up a pen and write, I do however grab my paints and begin to color all over a 30×30 primed gesso board. I pour my paint directly onto the canvas. I scrape, draw, tear, create and re-create texture upon texture. I let loose.

September 2020– Cityscapes

July & August 2020 – Art Before Breakfast

July 2020 – Birds paint-bomb my abstract

“Birds paint-bomb my abstract” 30×30 acrylic on canvas

June 2020 – Untitled

Untitled, 30×30, acrylic on gesso board – SOLD

June 2020 Standing Watch

June 2020 The Grove (or is it?)

April 2020 The Gathering

30×30 acrylic on gesso board

2020 Emergence

“Emergence”, 24×30 acrylic on canvas

2020 “Rainbow Series”

2020 Hatchlings

“Hatchlings”, acrylic on canvas

Spring 2020 Birds and Nature

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