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These classes are not group classes, but rather designed for you as an individual artist.

Together we will look at developing artistic habits that help you unlock your creative passions, combat the inner critic, connect your art with spiritual practice, build confidence and more.

Painting classes are now available for children, families and/or learning pods. Click to learn more.

Individualized Instruction:

NEW: Painting Through the Chakras
Practitioners of yoga know that there are seven energy centers or focal points within the body that can be used to build physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual harmony within and without. Each chakras center is associated with colors and symbols. In this class, we will examine those chakra centers, the symbolism and colors of associated with them, and create a work of art that expresses our relationship to the chakras. This class will include some gentle breathing and meditation practice throughout to keep us centered and the energy flowing.

Finding Your Visual Voice
This class offers tools and techniques to help you find your own creative expression with color and texture. Exercises will be designed with the individual student in mind. Together, we will explore where you find inspiration in nature, your favorite color combinations, and easy techniques to bring forth expression from your heart and soul. Together we will look at ways to challenge your inner critic and increase confidence in authentic self-expression.

Soul Painting 
In this class, our painting exploration will be designed to tap into our deeper intuition and develop a deeper understanding of art as spiritual practice. We will work with gentle prompts and techniques to move color and create textures across paper and canvas, bypassing the ego’s desire to create something “tangible” and “realistic.” We will take small, periodic breaks to read passages from spiritual writers, to breath deeply, and bring our minds into the moment to cultivate mindfulness.

Introduction to Acrylics 101
Color theory, color wheel and playful mixing of colors to create your own color combinations. Basic introduction to textures and various methods of painting with acrylic (brushes, palette knives, sponges, toothbrushes, and more.) In a day long class, we will use the techniques we practice in the morning to create a piece of art you can take home at the end of the day, ready to hang on the wall.

Open Studio:

RSVP required (please use the form to the right.)

Without Instruction: XOXOX Art Studio provides open studio space, not including instruction, for FREE! Studio space is currently outside due to the pandemic. You may bring your own art supplies. If you do not have supplies, they will be provided for a small fee. No prior painting experience is necessary. All levels are welcome.

With Instruction: Come paint with me and/or others who come to Open Studio. Fees include canvas and paints. No prior painting experience is necessary. All levels are welcome.