The ‘Your Passion Project program’ is a unique, personalized program specifically created to assist you to bring your passion project alive and see through to completion.

Specifically designed for you and your unique vision, it will help you move from a dream or idea into a real, complete project. We focus on what is immediately relevant to bringing your passion project to life.

Our focus through this unique program we will look at your passion project together, focusing on:

  • clarifying your vision to get clearer direction and have more fun producing the project
  • Increasing confidence, motivation, and drive in creating the project
  • Building confidence, support and audience around the project
  • Step by step strategic goal setting 
  • Time management
  • Breaking free of anxiety and other self-sabotaging thought processes that prevent you from creating your project

How it works


This program is 100% “Action-Focused.” As a collaborative conversation partner, we will work together to keep you focused and doing what needs to be done to move your project along. I will coach you through conception, goal setting, time management, focus, and help you get out of your own way to keep your project moving forward. 


Along with being a coach, I am also an accountability partner.  Accountability through regular sessions means you aren’t procrastinating, making excuses or delaying in any way.

We will openly discuss mindset, limiting beliefs, fears and self-confidence issues that arise while you are creating your passion project – this program ensures that you are not getting in your own way and you are actually creating and bringing your project to life.

The program

This program consists of 5-10 coaching sessions (50-60 minutes) over a five to ten month period – depending on the project. Sessions are online through Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype or in person if you are local.

I provides homework and thoughtful worksheets that are tailored-made to meet your personal goals to bring your project to life. I also offer support through email and texting is included between sessions as needed.