I believe all people have creative energy within waiting to emerge and be made manifest in the world. As an art teacher and a creativity coach, I work with you to develop your visual/artistic voice. As a creative coach, I help you unlock your creative passions and manifest your vision into creation.


I paint to Free myself from routine and details and busy work.  

I paint to Express my soul in color.

I paint to Empty thoughts and feel my heart.

I paint to give Love back to the world.

Rainbow City, acrylic on canvas, 30×40


Creative Coaching:

I’m all about “Creative Passion!” I have a breath-taking passion for creating art. Over the years, as I’ve grown as an artist, I’ve struggled with many things that have held me back from passionate engagement and creative expression: lack of self-confidence, doubt, and fear.

My work through XOXOX Art Studio and Creative Coaching is all about helping people break free – to give voice to their passions and manifest those passions into the world. I help untethering creative people from the mental blocks of social, psychological conditioning. Through creative coaching and individualized art classes, I work to help people find their voices, and make their deepest dreams come true.

Contact me, if you:
-are wanting to pursue a passion project and wonder where to begin
-are wanting coaching/instruction on finding your unique and passionate creative voice

Life Coach Training and Certification for Life Coaching
Life Coaching, Mentoring and Certification

Art Classes:

My individualized classes are designed to help you discover your visual voice. Current classes include:

Intuitive Painting 101
Finding Your Visual Voice
Soul Painting
Acrylic Painting 101
Painting Through the Chakras

My Creative Blog:

Currently, I have two blog series:

“From the Inbox” answers readers questions on the creative process and explores those things that hold us back. “

“Artist Chat” conversations with artists in all mediums, visual arts, music, poetry, creative writing, and more.

~Rinnie Orr is an intuitive painter, blogger and creative coach.